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What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating differs from Powder Coating and is another service we provide to coat and protect your particular job. Applied by hand, this liquid polymer covers and seals metals, plastics, polymers, and other surfaces. Ceramic is a durable, scratch, and chemical resistant finish to creating a layer of protection. Best known for its heat protection properties, ceramic is soften used on high temperature parts.

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How durable and flexible is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are durable, scratch, heat and chemical resistant. Ceramic coatings are best known for their use on high temperature parts such as exhaust pipe, heat shields, and racing pistons.

What colors are available for ceramic coating?

Due to the high temperature properties of a ceramic coating, colors are limited such as blacks, silvers, and other simple colors. If you have a color in mind that you would like as a ceramic coating, contact us today!

What surfaces can ceramic coating be applied to?

Ceramic coatings can be applied to most surfaces such as metals, plastics, polymers, composite, and much more.

What size of parts can you ceramic coat?

Ceramic coating can be applied to most parts and any sized parts. However, some ceramic coatings may require additional steps in the process such as baking which is limited to the size of our ovens.