sand Blasting

What is sand blasting?

Sand blasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is the process of propelling a stream of coarse material at high pressure against a surface. Although it has many different purposes, we use it to remove unwanted rust, corrosion, oxidation, paints, epoxy, and plastics to leave a smooth and clean surface. As a result of this process, we are better able to powder coat or prepare items for a new finishing.

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What kind of media do you use for sand blasting?

Depending on the job, we have many different types of media we can use. However, for most jobs we use a silicon carbide media.

What can you sand blast?

Sand blasting can be used on any type of material from glass, plastic, wood, to different types of metals. Using different air pressures along with different types of sand/media will achieve different effects. However, we primarily sand blast metal materials as this process can easily destroy softer materials if you are not careful.

What size of parts can you sand blast?

We can sand blast small items and most large 4’x4’x8′ items. Special arrangements can be made if an item is larger than this specification. Contact us if you have any questions!